Roof & Floor Trusses / Wall Panels
Woodhaven custom manufactures premium quality roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. By continuously expanding our capabilities in both design and manufacturing, we are able to provide you with the latest, most efficient truss and wall panel construction. No matter what type of job – new or remodel, townhouse/condo, custom home or commercial construction, Woodhaven is dedicated to being your partner from design to manufacturing to reliable, on-time delivery.

We have the capability of cutting lumber from 1 inch to over 20 feet on a variety of CNC saws. Each truss manufactured meets the rigorous standards established by the truss industry and building codes. Our tough quality control measures ensure that fabricated truss units and panels are identical in size and have tight, accurate joints and uniformity which will improve installation and reduce overall construction time.

Woodhaven is a member of the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA), and are active executive participants in the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the SBCA.

The Process
We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on the design to best meet the intended functionality, like increasing attic size, adding porch trusses or expanding HVAC area space. Generally speaking the process includes:
  • Preparation of quote based on initial plans.
  • Upon approval of quote, we will prepare a final design drawing (for designer review and building inspection), a computerized three-dimensional digital model and sealed engineering drawings.
  • Once these are approved and the trusses and/or wall panels are ordered, we will then provide a manufacturing and delivery schedule.
  • Prior to delivery all material is thoroughly inspected.

Our Truss Department services are second-to-none. They include:
  • A knowledgeable, professional design staff
  • The latest engineering and design software capabilities
  • Sealed engineering drawings
  • Wall panel drawings
  • Truss & Panel layouts
  • Full jobsite packages, which include the latest truss and panel drawings and the Building Component Safety Information series of install and bracing information
  • Site/field measurements if desired
  • Delivery, led by a dedicated fleet of roll-off trailers and supplemented by smaller vehicles for harder-to-reach job sites

For more information, contact Keith Myers 732-901-0030


Roof Truss Design Challenge

See Woodhaven’s Roof Truss Design Challenge

Over the years, Woodhaven Lumber has built a reputation as a truss manufacturer that can accomplish unusual designs that work in the real world for customers and installers. “We work with the architect and engineer and try to make it a simpler install for the builder.”


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